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What is TMRN?

TMRN is a small, privately owned medical recruitment agency. We have much fewer contracts and therefore fewer regular clients than many bigger agencies. This means we can dedicate more time to requirements that may be overlooked or ignored by your regular agencies. It can often be the case that more niche specialties that take longer to fill are conisdered less worthwhile by recruiters who need to ensure they are hitting KPIs and filling a large percentage of requirements. We are able to focus on a much smaller number of vacancies and can spend weeks and months finding someone for you where others might give up after a few days or even hours if there doesn't seem to be a pool of candidates already on their database.

What vacancies can TMRN help with?


We are willing to help with vacancies in any grade and specialty in the UK and further afield. We can help find doctors for you on a Permanent, Fixed-Term or Locum basis d as required.

Our staff have been in the industry since 2007, and therefore have some very strong, long-term relationships and regularly get calls from doctors asking us to find them work. TMRN can also work collaboratively with other providers to ensure you can get the candidate you need whilst still honouring any contract, etc that you may be signed up to.

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